result driven digital natives with sense for strategy and bright ideas bring new perspectives into your boardroom

GRASP | Digital is an Amsterdam based agency specialized in creating and executing digital strategies. We combine our strategic knowhow with creativity and commitment to design and build delightful digital concepts for leading companies.


All capabilities are here to help your business stay relevant in a world of continuously changing market conditions, disruptive innovations, evolving customer expectations, and impactful global events.


The gained knowhow over the years combined with our capabilities allow us to push the limits of creativity and technology while grounding us in what is most relevant to our client organizations and their audience. We commit to high performance with a team that love to succeed together.

meet our principal
team of experts

Yvette Velzeboer

people, growth & transformation

Buck Boon

data, software & technology

Richard Visser

senior ux & product designer

Thomas Dooves

creative concept & digital design

Anil Balgobind

digital transformation & data solutions

Nidal Ouaali

digital strategy & business design